Want To Win Online Poker? Here’s The Complete Guide

So you are an expert at the table?

You always play to win right? At the table there are people who always think you may win hands down and you do but you are nervous about playing poker online? Fortunately for you, today we have the technology that can help ease the bumpiness in transition from a live game to the online version. Any apprehension that you may have can be set aside if you keep the following ten tips in mind.

The transition can be easy if you follow these tips to the T:

Here are seven helpful tips for novice players who are making their first time transitions from the real game to an online version of the game and also for those who want t improve their prospects of winning at the game. So here we go! http://onlinegambling.review/zodiac-casino-review

Familiarize yourself with the nuances of playing online poker

The first things first, read about the nuances and the nitty gritties of playing online version of poker and familiarize yourself about the game, the similarities and the differences that there are between the live game at a casino and the online version of poker.

There are several differences between the game at a land based casino and the online game and it may be a bit overwhelming for the first time online player to handle them at first go itself.

Familiarizing with the rules of online poker will help him learn about the most important time bank feature on the online game which is much shorter than the time that may be granted at the card table. The rules of the game may take a while to seep and to get used to but the player must persevere and not get overwhelmed.

Opt for lower stakes at the game

Remember the old adage “slow and steady wins the race?” in online poker, it is strongly recommended that the novice takes his game slowly and steadily by playing initially very low to low stakes. The reason for this recommendation is that if the newbie player over enthusiastically plays a high stake and loses the stake because of his unfamiliarity of the rules, he may feel too overwhelmed by competition and chances are really high that he may feel discouraged and quit playing online poker. Therefore, he must refrain from being too adventurous on his first games.

Single table only for the first timers

When learning the ropes of the game, it is best to settle down and learn the art of winning online poker on a single table rather than jumping between tables as this is possible to do in online game.

Make sure you are not distracted by anything while playing

It is highly possible that when the online version of the game is played the player may slip into distraction and not give his hundred percent to the card table. It is imperative that all kinds of distraction be avoided and the environment must be such that when the player is playing he must only be concentrating on his game and nothing else.

You may want to improve your hardware in order to win more frequently

Taking the last point ahead, the player may do good to have an office kind of room for playing to be distraction free and also may want to use ergonomic furniture while playing and additional paraphernalia like a sleek mouse to take away the pressure from his wrist and swift keyboard to not hurt his fingers in case he is playing too long.

Use functional software to your advantage

You may think that using tools and external software to improve your chances of winning the game may tantamount to cheating but the reality is that most of the online poker software have inbuilt tools that you can use to improve the chances of your frequent win. To site an example, there is a tool where you can make a note of the habit of the opponent. The next time he is around you can know that he has that habit while playing and you can take a call at the table with him.


For someone who will make a transition from real game to an online one may at first find it difficult but remembering to go gradually and creating a positive environment and sporting a professional attitude towards playing as well as utilizing the available software optimally can give out great results. So, now that you know the secrets of consistently winning, what are you waiting for? Happy winning!

Invest in good software or explore the free options

There are wonderful software options out there which can be bought for a price and there are also the free options available on the net ready for grabs. Taking your pick can be easier if you will read about the game and the tools available and update yourself on a regular basis.